Here it is, the No Car Pledge.  I know, I know - it's a biggie.  Really think about it before you add your name.  I don't expect hundreds of names.  My goal at this time is to get two names by the end of 2009.  To add your name, post a comment.  If you'd like, include a bit about yourself and why you decided to give up the car bound life.  Thank you!

 I, (Your name here), will not own a vehicle.


11/04/2009 05:31

Hi Dana -- I love your blog! My daughter also goes to school in Montreal, so I have walked those streets and there are a lot of really cool things (and people!) to see. I'm not giving up my car, but I can say that to me, a vacation is not a vacation if you have to get in your car. I like vacationing in cities or at the beach for that reason. In fact, I just came back from Paris where I walked and walked and walked. I hope you'll check out MyBigWalk. I'm going to cross-link your blog on my blogroll. Love it! - Laurie

11/18/2009 17:26

Thank you for writing this blog!! I live in Cleveland Ohio (USA). My brother gave me his car but I just don't have the heart to drive it. I do alot of walking and see driver's and it spooks the crap out of me intermingling with them. I will get a driver's license but will do a car share program instead. Not having a car is going to hamper me career wise (as nursing assistant) but I rather be in this position then trying to pay car insurance and rent every month.
Keep up the great work!!

Another Laurie
12/25/2009 12:06

After having my own car for 37 years I gave up car ownership two years ago. My current car was old and needed major work done to the tune of $1000 plus. I'd already spent more than that the year before. I thought I'd try going without a car and see how it went. I love it! I've learned to never say never as it comes back to bite you but I really can't see me ever owning another car. I live in a central area of Regina and I can bus/walk everywhere. Yeah sometime I get rides with friends. Regina's transit system is not the greatest..they say they have Sunday service but it's BAD and no service at all on holidays. I have more money in my pocket and know I am helping the planet. I do rent a car about five times a year max just to get some errands done or buy things that I don't want to haul on the bus or don't want to bug friends to drive me. It's fun to drive new cars but I am never sad when I hand the car back. I think one of the keys to being car free is that you have to be fairly organized especially when it comes to shoppping. It's not as easy to dash back to the store if you are walking.

I am a great walker and walk most places. I am hoping to get myself a bike next year.

Love your blog!!

Laurie in Regina

12/26/2010 19:02

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