Check these out...

If you ever looked at my resume, you won't see "walking expert" included under job experience.  I'd probably list "walking" in the skills/abilities section. (Actually I probably wouldn't - listing "walking" as a skill is generally frowned upon).  So, yah, I walk a lot, but I'm no expert.  Therefore, I decided to find other, more in-the-know walking websites, in case any of you had any burning walking questions.
This is a cool website that lets you map your course.  You can see a map, satellite, or hybrid view of where you live and then by clicking on the streets, you can build a route.  It will tell you the distance (in miles or km) and even the elevation.
Here is another person giving up the car bound life!  Not only that, but Franke James draws really neat pictures about it.  And, this is the best part, she changed her driveway into a garden!  Cool!
A global carfree movement.  It has a blog and lots of articles about alternative transportation.
In case you are really interested, wikipedia knows all sorts of things about walking.  I learned that walking is also called ambulation and that the average human walking speed is about 3 miles per hour.  Neat!
This website is mainly about walking for fitness.  It tells you about walking shoes, stretches, and even the 10 walking mistakes that you can make.  I didn't know there was such a thing!  Apparently it's bad to over stride, slap your feet, lean to much, or "chicken wing".
This site also has lots of fitness, gear, training, and motivation related articles.  
I think this is a super cool idea.  Get your kids walking to school!  Very social too.  
This is Michael Jackson doing the moon walk.  Hey, it's a form of walking.