Okay, so I haven't been so good at this blogging thing.  This is a new/strange concept for me; writing about myself.  Well, I don't really want to write about myself, I want to write about walking.  So I stare at the blank blog screen and think...left...right...left...right.  Which no one wants to read.  (Although, I may resort to that when I run out of things to say).  I really just want to get people walking by showing them that life without a car is interesting and possible (and exciting, and scary, and weird, and safe, and world-saving).   

I was walking the other day and I saw a grown man in a suit intentionally crunching through the leaves on the edge of the sidewalk.  He was by himself, just stamping along, his face a mixture of happy and troublemaker.  When I see interesting people like that I always wonder what it'd be like to visit their home.  What does the home of a suit-wearing leaf cruncher look like?  I bet it's painted yellow.   

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