I'm back in Montreal!  Yessss... It sure is nice to be home.  And Montreal is beautiful in the snow!  With all my running around, errand type things, I have to remind myself to look around every once in a while.    

I wanted to share with you a little thing learned in school yesterday.  Think about this the next time you feel like it's taking you forever to walk to your destination:

The Earth is rotating, carrying most people around its axis at more than 1000 km an hour.  That's twice as fast as a regular commercial jet.

The Earth orbits the sun, moving at more than 100,000 km/hr; 100 times faster than a speeding bullet.

Our solar system moves relative to nearby stars at speeds of around 70,000 km/hr.

The Milky Way Galaxy (our galaxy) rotates, carrying our sun around at a speed of about 800,000 km/hr.

And lastly, galaxies move relative to one another; the Milky Way is moving towards the Adromeda Galaxy at about 300,000 km/hr!  

All this speed!  The next time your walking take the time to stop and look at the snow...