Yay!  So exciting!  I was walking down the street tonight and Montreal was buzzing with people cheering and waving flags.  In the middle of the sidewalk people were expressing their love for hockey, Crosby, Canada, each other, and beer.  It was quite fun.

Actually, in my 15 minute walk, this exact scene played out about four times: 
(I pass a random stranger)
Random Stranger: Wooo!
Me: Wooo!
Random Stranger: Go Canada!
Me: Wooo!
(Random Stranger gives me a high five/hug/punch on the shoulder.)
Me: Wooo!

It's so fun to be walking outside when everyone is out celebrating.  Everything is electric and "random strangers" are on your side.  What a great Olympics!  Congratulations Canadian athletes!   
Team Canada 2010 Olympic Hockey Jersey emblem
I'm trying to figure this out:  Whenever I'm late for something, the traffic lights are against me.  Whenever I'm on time, they're in my favor. 

I'm definitely the kind of person who leaves the house late.  You may say, "hey, if you had a car you could get there faster".  But no, I'd still leave my house late.  And then, instead of running to catch up, I'd have my foot on a gas pedal.  It's probably a good thing that I don't drive.

Yesterday I smiled because I saw a business lady running in the streets.  It made me happy because for once I was on time and not the "running person".  And then Karma hit me and made me late for my midterm... 

A little while ago, my friend told me that there was a Facebook group called "I secretly want to punch slow walking people in the back of the head".  When she told me about it, I was like, "oh that's so mean!"  But now, sometimes when I'm hurrying to my destination that image will pop into my head. 

I'll come up to this cute couple who are meandering along, all loving and sweet and holding hands and ... THEY'RE BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK!  I attempt to whiz past, trying my best not to be the annoying "rushed person" that disturbs their beautiful moment, but they're really BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK!  And I'm going to be late.  So I kind of hover behind them.  You can picture it can't you?  Me doing some little stressed-out skips, breathing down the neck of two unaware, beautifully happy people.

I'm not a violent person but times like these make me wish I had never heard of the group "I secretly want to punch slow walking people in the back of the head".  Because now I get that image and I feel guilty.

It's probably a good thing that I don't drive.     
You know when you're walking outside at night and you pass by a lit window?  Well, I'm going to admit something: I peek inside.  Just a quick peek.  Not a stare or an ogle or a gawk.  Just a peek.

My curiosity gets the best of me. 

It's sometimes like looking into a 3rd dimension.  It makes me think "wow, other people have lives too!"  This seems strange because, of course there are other people in the world.  It makes sense that they have homes with which they do stuff in.  But really, you never actually see them.  You get caught up in yourself and your comings and goings, and you become the center of everything.  Nothing else exists but you. 

But then you walk past a lit window and you see someone sitting on the couch watching hockey.  It's a bit of a jolt.  Whoa!  Other people do exist!  And they watch hockey!  In fact, you were just about to go home to watch that exact same hockey game!  And suddenly you are not the center of everything.

I like it when I catch a glimpse families doing things together.  As a 'here and there' student with no real home, that sight gives me a bit of hope.  Or makes me lonely.  But mostly hope, because what are the chances that I'll be living in a little cave apartment all my life?  Someday I'll have a home for myself, someday.
Would anyone bet me grocery money to walk like this tomorrow? 
Okay, so now I feel bad.

I was doing the dishes, thinking about homework and an upcoming date (perhaps not in that particular order), while my roommate was watching TV.   He was watching some sort of environmental show, the kind that has a deep voiced announcer updating us on current world disasters.  It was really sad.  I looked over at the show just in time to see a cute child running through a field. The man being interviewed said, "what will I tell my son?  I'm sure he'll ask me, 'if you knew what was happening, what did you do to stop it?" 

Eeek.  What am I doing to help keep our world clean?  I have been really slacking on this blog/website thing.  I've gotta kick myself in the butt and get going!  I've got to step it up!  I've got some ideas... coming soon, so watch out!

On a separate note, it's cold here in Montreal.  I'm glad I finally got a real winter jacket.  People were starting to comment on my "Canadian tuxedo" (my jean jacket.  I'm still trying to decide if "comment on" is really more like "make fun of") 

Anyways, the other day I was walking home from school and it was storming outside.  A complete whiteout.  It was one of those times where you just bend your head against the wind and scuffle home as quickly as possible. 

Just when I'm in the middle of grumbling about the cold, I hear this Micheal Jackson song coming up from behind me.  I look back to see this younger man in a motorized wheel chair.  This chair, with is super thick wheels, was beating the storm and spitting in it's face by blaring Micheal Jackson at it.  Yeah man! 

I followed that guy for as long as possible.  Winter storm walking is not that bad.  I don't need a car.