Sunday was a pretty awful day.  I had to make one of those big questionable, life-changing decisions. I made it and ... I felt shitty.  So I was doing the "I feel shitty" walk, which consists of me walking and walking and walking until I feel better (or get hungry).

I was walking in the hope that something would come along and cheer me up, and Montreal, you did not disappoint! 

I was on Rue Saint Laurent, one of the hip-happenen streets in Montreal, and I hear this dance music.  I'm tempted to call it techno, but I'm not sure.  Whatever it was, it was rock'n stuff and I liked it.  I looked around to see what bar the music was coming from and, to my surprise, I saw that it was coming from a bike!  This bike was totally tricked out.  It was covered in lights and on the back there was a fancy speaker blasting out tunes. 

The best part about it all was that the bike was not being ridden by some hipster kid – no - it was controlled by a very normal looking, older gentleman.  Grinning from ear to ear, he just drifted up and down the street, sharing his love of techno to the world.

I felt better.  

It reminded me of this guy I occasionally see when I walk to school.  He's a tough looking kid with a stereo backpack that pumps out rap music.  Whenever I'm behind him, I can't help but to fantasize about sneaking some Jewel music onto his playlist.  Perhaps a little Sarah McLaughlin.  

This post is getting long, but I just want to say that I'm super excited because I got my very first comment!  Thank you, Bryce, for making my day.  I do have a few thoughts on that issue and I will respond!  Maybe even tomorrow (if I can finish my school essay...sigh...).
11/5/2009 01:35:08 am

I think that guy is my new hero. Anyone who plays music on the street is, in my books, the bees knees. It just raises the spirit and can lighten any mood.


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