Yesterday I bumped into a cute guy.


I was walking up to an intersection and I see this guy dressed like a pink bunny.  He was clearly quite drunk and, did I mention, very pink.  It was also the middle of the day. 

His friends were egging him on and I thought, "hey it must be a bachelor party." 

So here I am, innocently waiting for my light to cross the street when one of his friends (a rather hot looking fellow) comes up to me and reads some phrase in French.  It had something to do with pants and I'm pretty sure it was sexual in some way.  My French is bad at the best of times, but when faced with a cute guy reading a sexual phrase in French, I can get pretty confused. 

That's, um, pretty much the whole story.  We chatted and I wished him luck on his mission to intoxicate his friend.  The morel of this story: walking = the possibly of chatting with interesting people (who happen to be hot guys).  

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