Hey guys, take your gal on a walking date.  Grab her by her hand and say, "Hey baby, lets go on an adventure".  It'll be great!  Just make sure she's not wearing nice (aka, horribly uncomfortable) shoes.  Because then she'll hate you.  

Walking dates are the tops.  Think about all the nice hand holding you can do.  And conversation is just magically more interesting when you're walking.  For example, one of my favorite dates ever involved a walk and a conversation about making a horror movie featuring aborted baby fetuses.  We were an awesome couple.     

Walking dates are WAY better than driving dates.  If a fella said to me "Hey baby, lets drive around for a while", I would probably give him a frown (because I'm passive aggressive).  In a car, you're just sitting there.  You can't escape.  You have to "talk" not "do".  Pish, walking is way better and much more romantic.

So take my advise fellas.  I'm not trying to push my walking life on you, I'm just trying to help you get laid.           
Walk o' Shame. I found this picture on: http://itisthewaytogo.com/2008/06/12/walk-of-shame/
Because this blog is about walking, in all of its forms, it wouldn't be fair of me to avoid this topic: the Walk of Shame. 

The Walk of Shame, for those who don't know it, is a walk that someone must do (usually around 11am) whilst wearing their fancy dress from the previous evening.  The dress is rather inappropriate for the time of day (short, black, sequins), as is the high heels, dangly bracelets, and small fancy purse.  The hair of this walking lady is fairly messy, and her makeup is quite smeared. She sticks out like a sore thumb, causing passerbys to think, "she is wearing the same outfit she wore last night!"

There are many reasons why a lady might be in such a predicament.  Maybe she lost her house keys and had to stay over at a friend's house.  Maybe she's walking to a photo shoot and that's how the makeup people wanted her to look.  Maybe her house burned down while she was at the grocery store buying a carton of milk.  Maybe she slept over at a cute guy's house.

You know, really, it could be anything.

So, I am going to admit (for undisclosed reasons) that this weekend I walked the walk of shame.  Slightly hung-over, I stumbled the 30 minute walk home in my poor little pair of high heels.  I got a lot of looks, and, of course, I ran into three people that I know.  I had to carry on the most awkward conversation about weather with a fellow from one of my classes while we waited for the stop light to turn green.  Come on stop light, turn green, turn green!

I bring this up because as a No Car person, walks of shame may occur.  It may not be the best part about walking, but if you keep a positive outlook, it's really not that bad. No one who sees you could say that you are a boring person, could they?  And they probably become pretty jealous over all the fun you likely had.  You see?  If you had a car all of this excitement and gossip potential would have been lost!

At least, that's how I'd like to see it.

PS - I wanted to say thank you to John who sent me some nice comments.  I'm glad you like my site!  You should comment on this post and let us know what Walks of Shames are like for guys.  Or do they even exists?           
Yesterday I bumped into a cute guy.


I was walking up to an intersection and I see this guy dressed like a pink bunny.  He was clearly quite drunk and, did I mention, very pink.  It was also the middle of the day. 

His friends were egging him on and I thought, "hey it must be a bachelor party." 

So here I am, innocently waiting for my light to cross the street when one of his friends (a rather hot looking fellow) comes up to me and reads some phrase in French.  It had something to do with pants and I'm pretty sure it was sexual in some way.  My French is bad at the best of times, but when faced with a cute guy reading a sexual phrase in French, I can get pretty confused. 

That's, um, pretty much the whole story.  We chatted and I wished him luck on his mission to intoxicate his friend.  The morel of this story: walking = the possibly of chatting with interesting people (who happen to be hot guys).