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I was going to get groceries the other day and I passed this man playing the accordion.  I like buskers, they make the streets happy (or romantic, or interesting, or whatever depending on what music they're playing).  So, I threw some coins into his case and struck up a conversation. 

You see, I used to play the accordion.  Well, I used to TRY to play the accordion.  It's a hard instrument!  I was inspired to take it up after being in Argentina.  Buenos Aires has a huge tango scene and tango, I discovered, is a super cool and sexy dance.  I took a few lessons and our instructor said that tango is a walking dance: if you can walk, you can dance tango. 

Here's a video to demonstrate the coolness of tango:

So I asked the accordion player if he knew any tango songs, and he played one for me!  And then he followed it with a French song, which was so beautiful it made me want to practice the accordion again.

11/3/2009 01:43:19 am

I get really annoyed by the way towns are set up for the convenience of cars over that of walkers. It is not easy to walk a few blocks without a motor vehicle getting in you way. Any comments?


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