So, perhaps you're like me and you find yourself looking for a new apartment.  Your ceiling has cracked a little too much and your roommates' cat has pooped on your bed just one too many times. You go on Craigs list and find some new digs (oh please let this roommate be sane), and you pack your bags.  But you are carless.  How do you move?!?

Have no fear!  I am here to help you!  If you follow my guide, you will be hanging up your Lady Gaga poster and kicking back in no time.  

How To Move When You Don't Own A Car

1. Think about moving your stuff, piece by piece, on the metro.  Decide that this is a stupid idea.  

2. Find a friend who has a car.  This won't be hard because mostly everyone has a car.  I know I'm encouraging people not to use cars, but apartment moving is a special occasion.  If the day comes and no one drives any more, I'm sure our amazingly smart human brains will think of new ways to move our stuff around.    

3. Ask that person very politely to help you.  At this point it would be smart to mention that you have an entire case of beer in your fridge.  And a tub of ice cream.

4. Have everything packed and ready so all your car friend has to do is open the door.  Also, print out a map to your new place.  As I found out, car directions are a lot different than walking directions because cars have to obey rules like "one way" and "pedestrians only". 

5. To maintain a festive atmosphere while you and your friend are stuck in traffic, play the harmonica and the ukulele.  Make up songs about how awesome your friend is.  In this way, you are tricking your friend into thinking it's fun to help someone move.  This is especially important when it's 25 degrees outside.

6. Dump your stuff in your new room and immediately take your friend out for beers.  Pay the gas money and thank them for their time.  Don't ask that friend for another car related favor for at least a year.  There you go!  Easy peasy.  

So there you have it; how to move in six easy steps.  And now, lets compare the costs:

1. Getting a friend to help you: 30$
2. Renting a car/Uhaul: $60
3. Owning a car so that in case you want to move at some point, you can do so: about $8000 a year.
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