So, my excuse for not writing this time is that I've been in the bush.  Contrary to my expectations, there is no internet in the bush.  Nor are there flush toilets or washing machines. 

I've been tree planting.  It was my rookie year and I found it to be quite the adventure!  But, phew, it was LOTS of work.  LOTS of walking.  Almost too much walking, if I'm being truthful.  Right now I'm doing a bit of the hobble, especially if I get up from sitting for a long time.  I don't really blame the walking, so much as I blame the walking in rubber, steel toed boots across swamps, over slash, and along muddy roads.  Walking is never at fault.  Walking is awesome.  

I will also say that my ass has never looked this good before.  Just saying.  

One of my favorite things about planting was that I could eat bucket loads of food.  Buckets!  Without any weight related guilt.  How freeing it is to allow yourself three huge pieces of cake at dinner.  Not full yet?  Have another!  Walking is awesome.  Did I say that all ready?

Seriously now, I am going to remark that there is something quite beautiful and fragrant about the air in Northern Ontario, compared to the air in Montreal.  I can't quite put my finger on the reason behind this... hmmm...

I will also say that after being in the bush, I find it scary to be walking along a busy street in Montreal with cars whizzing past you.  I've become that pioneer girl who grabs the lamp post and closes her eyes as soon as the light turns green.  

I also find it completely maddening that I can't pee wherever and whenever I want to.  In the city I actually have to find a washroom before I can pee.  How weird is that eh?    

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