Every week (ahum, or two weeks or so...) I do my laundry.  I don't have a washing machine but the people in the apartment above me do.  They brag about this fact by overloading their machine and flooding our kitchen.  I'm not bitter. 

Anyways, I have to go to the laundromat.  This is where the walking part comes in handy.  I fill a garbage bag full of smelly clothes (right hand) and bring detergent and study notes (left hand) and my purse (shoulder), and then I trek the many blocks to the hot house of weird flowery smells (aka the laundromat).

Today, as I was walking with my arms full of laundry things, a man laughed at me.  Like, really laughed.  At me.  I felt like that dog my brother and I once laughed at because it was ugly to the extreme (the poor thing looked sad and turned it's back on us. I learned that day that laughing at dogs is mean).  I just smiled at the guy and kept walking.  Then I karma hexed him. 

My last laundry adventure was not so much fun either.  For some dumb reason, I let my purse (which should be on my shoulder) slip down to my right wrist.  Then, without me realizing it, the purse dropped onto the cement and I merrily walked away without it. 

Upon arriving at the laundromat, I quickly discovered that my purse was missing.  Dumping my clothes, I raced up and down the streets in a great search.  No purse.  I gave up and hauled my clothes back home (the lady at the laundromat thought I was strange). 

BUT, when I got home I got a phone call from the nice Montreal police.  The day was saved!  My purse had been rescued!  I hurried to their station and learned that Montreal police are nice, as well as very good looking.  Very good looking.     
3/10/2011 01:37:05 pm

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