You know when you're walking outside at night and you pass by a lit window?  Well, I'm going to admit something: I peek inside.  Just a quick peek.  Not a stare or an ogle or a gawk.  Just a peek.

My curiosity gets the best of me. 

It's sometimes like looking into a 3rd dimension.  It makes me think "wow, other people have lives too!"  This seems strange because, of course there are other people in the world.  It makes sense that they have homes with which they do stuff in.  But really, you never actually see them.  You get caught up in yourself and your comings and goings, and you become the center of everything.  Nothing else exists but you. 

But then you walk past a lit window and you see someone sitting on the couch watching hockey.  It's a bit of a jolt.  Whoa!  Other people do exist!  And they watch hockey!  In fact, you were just about to go home to watch that exact same hockey game!  And suddenly you are not the center of everything.

I like it when I catch a glimpse families doing things together.  As a 'here and there' student with no real home, that sight gives me a bit of hope.  Or makes me lonely.  But mostly hope, because what are the chances that I'll be living in a little cave apartment all my life?  Someday I'll have a home for myself, someday.
2/28/2010 02:36:34 pm

In a way I enjoy doing this too, especially walking down a high density street. Cycling past while looking can also be done, but takes a bit more skill. I know what you mean and what you feel, there is a connection with these people inside and their lives, you imagine who they are for a small bit of time.

Just discovered you from a post over at Imagine No cars, I likes it here :)

3/21/2011 08:17:26 am

You know that I also look into windows, and also the a quick look, couple of times a dog receive me, so for like a year I was neglected of doing it.


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