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Only in Montreal can you (in one night) stumble upon a fashion show in the middle of the street.  Then you find an outdoor showing of Nanook of the North complete with a live band and opera singers.  While there, you meet a nice old gentleman.  He's walking in the same direction as you, so together you find Old Port and watch some fireworks. And then you and the nice old gentleman try to gatecrash a reggae concert.

And then you try to think up creative ways to ditch the nice old gentleman after he reveals his not so innocent intentions. Then you get invited to a random techno party by a guy on the street. And finally, you wander home and your roommate gives you brownies.

And you drink tea out of a measuring cup because you've run out of mugs.

So yah, that was my night last night.  It was an adventure.

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Then you find an outdoor showing of Nanook of the North complete with a live band and opera singers.

11/8/2012 04:56:28 pm

Wish to have life like this atleast for once in my this life

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