I heard that there was going to be a shooting star bonanza in the sky two nights ago.  What a gold-mine of wishing opportunities!  So of course I got all excited and decided to go on an adventure to see them.    

I figured that the best place to watch shooting stars would be from the top of Mount Royal.  So I hiked all the way from my house to Beaver Lake.  I must say, it was beautiful up there.  The sun set, colouring the sky with gold and pink, and the moon was a huge silver toenail near the horizon.  Some children played nearby and a nice family had a picnic.  Line dancing music was coming from the chalet across the water, giving the whole scene a festive feel.  

I counted 21 stars.  Geeze louise, it's hard to see stars in Montreal.  But I was not going to give up!  I laid on my back in the grass and refused to leave until I saw at least one shooting star.  I wanted to have a wish, gosh darn it.        

It got cold.  And the families were all leaving.  And some strange man in black "creepy stranger" glasses was lying near me.  

I knew I had to go.  So, I wished upon a satellite.  Do you think a satellite wish can come true?  The magic of the satellite?  I hope so.  I wished for what everyone wishes for - a little bit of love.  And in my mind I could hear the satellite going, "God, not another one.  Love?  What do these humans think I am?  Cupid?  I'm a satellite for fucks sake!"

And then it came time for me to come home.  I took one look down the trail and was like, "Oh shit".  The daytime normal, happy, green, friendly path had turned into a nighttime monster hole of pitch black.  The kind of black where every single bad guy in Montreal is most likely hiding out in.  I walked down the trial for five minutes, wimped out, and then turned back to be under the lamp posts of Beaver Lake.  

I am not proud of what I did next.  

I knew I had to get home somehow.  I figured that there had to be another way off the mountain that didn't involve going down the freaky path.  So I walked around until I found a couple moseying about.  And then I followed them.  

I tried to keep my distance, I really did.  I tried to be a stealthy like a spy so that they wouldn't be creeped out by me.  When one of them turned around, I pretended to be going in a different direction.  When they slowed down, I tied my shoes.  But despite all of my stealth, I could tell that the girl was wondering why some strange lady was trailing them.  She kept giving me "who do you think you are"  looks.  I returned her looks with my innocent "what?  I just happen to be going the exact same direction as you" face.  She probably thought I was CIA or something.  Or maybe an ex-girlfriend of the guy she was with.  And then I got worried that she might try to claw my eyes out. 

Thankfully, they led me to a street.  I quickly turned in the very opposite direction of the couple and hurried away.  I was still a bit lost though, but a nice lady pointed me in the right direction (including a shortcut through a hospital, which weirded me out a little).

So that's my shooting star story.  I'll keep you posted on the satellite wish and if it works or not.  Wishing upon satellites could be very convenient.       

I did not see this. I got this photo at http://queenaudy.blogspot.com/
11/25/2010 09:35:06 am

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