I enjoy the wonders of walking, but sometimes a person needs to get somewhere in less time.  That is why I took up Nordic skiing.  On skis, you can go really fast!

I’m on the Nordic ski team at my school.  I’m bringing this up because I want to mention a game that we play.  It’s called the “mine game”.  Every time someone says the word “mine” they have to do 10 pushups.  It doesn’t matter where they are: class, grocery store, or street, they have to drop and do 10.

This weekend we were talking about people who play variations of this game, such as if you say the work “like” you have to do 5 pushups, or if you say the word “car” you have to do 10 squats.

The car game sparked an idea that I think could get people to drive less.  This is what you can do:  Pick an amount of pushups that you have trouble completing.  Whenever you decide to drive somewhere, before you leave do that amount of pushups.  If you were only intending to drive five blocks to the movie store, you may decide to skip the pushups and walk instead!  It’s a win-win situation because no matter what you’ll get more fit!

Combine that idea with the car game squats, and I’m betting driving will become a thing of the past!  (because, let’s face it, does anyone really prefer squats and pushups to walking?)

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