Walking Is Awesome Because...

(in no particular order)

1. It keeps you fit.

2. You can "bump" into cute guys/girls.

3. It costs nothing.

4. It helps you think.  I make up stories in my head.

5. It helps you get ready for the day.  A walking break between sleep and work is very nice.

6. It gives you a good excuse to buy nice shoes.

7. You get to check out all the latest fashions. 

8. After a giant fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/cat it helps you cool down. 
9. You can see strange things that you wouldn't normally see.  The other day I saw a guy eating an uncooked wiener on a bench.  You can't make that stuff up. 

10. You can feel good because you're not polluting. 

11. When you're really excited or happy about something, you can walk around and feel alive and smile at random people.

12. You can get rid of extra energy.

13. It decreases stress. 

14. It helps you sleep better (I read this on a website.  Is it true?  I don't know.  Do I sleep well?  Yes).

15. It can be done anywhere at anytime!

16. No parking fees or hassles.

17. Sometimes it can be faster than driving (like during rush hour in the city...)