I thought I'd share with you an awesome thing that happened to me while I was walking. 

You see, in Montreal everyone has amazing style.  Except for me.  I have a "these clothes sorta fit and they keep the wind out" style.  Plus they were a really cheap bargain at the Sally Ann.  

Lately I have been casting jealous looks at all the ladies in their nice fall coats and tall boots.  I even thought to myself, "why don't I just walk into a real store and buy a nice coat?  A NEW coat."  But then I thought about my student loans.  And about paying for things like groceries.  And anyways, I have a jean jacket...

So I'm going to a elementary school to do some math tutoring and for once I happen to be early.  I start circling the block, wasting time, and I come across a big pile of street garbage.  There, hanging on top of the mound, is a beautiful black coat.  In perfect condition.  And it fits me.  And it's beautiful. 

It's practically like a present to me from fate.  Because fate wants me to stop looking like such a goober. 

So I look around.  I sort of feel like a cross between a robber and a homeless person.  I grab the coat and walk, in a quickish manner, away. 

I have a new coat!!  And it doesn't even smell bad!  Isn't that awesome?!

PS: I'm not really good at Math. Don't tell anyone.  I've only screwed up one kid, so that's not too bad.



11/06/2010 00:47

The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible".

12/20/2010 02:21

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01/04/2011 18:29

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