I got this cool idea (which I might have ripped off a friend) to do a "Flashback Friday" and reminisce about past walking stories.  I was so totally going to do one on friday, but then, you know, I went shopping and got my hair cut and...

So it's not technically friday.  But I wanted to write something, and nothing really interesting has happened this weekend (except for being mistaken as a hooker while downtown at night (Maybe it was my new haircut?)).   

I thought I'd write about last year, when I worked at a museum.  The museum was about a 30 minute walk from my home.  I had three speeds: walk, the walkrun, and Rollerblade.  As I am rather slow to leave the house in the morning, I often resorted to Rollerblade speed.  

Rollerblade speed is dangerous in many ways.  

1) I can never figure out how to stop.
2) I can never figure out how to turn.
3) Little kids can rollerblade faster than me.
4) I'm always carrying heavy bags of stuff.   
5) I nearly die every time I go down a hill.   
6) I forget to pack shoes and have to work the entire day in socks.  

So I preferred to walk.

I really grew to enjoy the trip.  It helped me wake up, get my thoughts together, and it gave me a little exercise.  I usually listened to music, and I saw neat animals like foxes and deer.  Old friends would tip their hat as I passed and say "top of the morning to ya".  The air smelled like gingerbread and rainbows would shine merrily by my side... Was that too much?  Do you get the picture or should I move on?   

Once I house-sat for a couple who lived next to the museum.  I actually missed the walk so much that I'd leave for work 45 minutes early and wander town until work started.  

When I met new people, I usually got the comment, "You're the girl I always see walking everywhere". Which made me happy.  Mostly because they weren't saying, "Oh, you're the girl I always see crashing into lamp posts on her rollerblades".     
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