Hey!  I've been off the map for a while now.  I've moved apartments and started school ... things are picking up from the "lazy" days of summer.  And by "lazy" I mean "intense tree planting".

I now live pretty far away from school.  It's a forty minute walk.  Everyone tells me that I should take transit, but I refuse!  At first the walk felt like forever.  "Why aren't I home yet.  I'm hungry.  It's raining".  But now that I'm getting used to it, it doesn't feel so long.  Also, if I skip the gym for the day, I don't feel guilty.  Plus now that I'm walking longer, more interesting things happen to me!  For example, last weekend a strange man started randomly yelling at me "WHEN YOU CUT YOUR FINGER, YOU MUST PUT IT IN VINEGAR!"  And then he laughed like an evil genius.  It was scary.        

So yeah, this forty minute commute is going to be awesome. 

I realize that sounded a bit sarcastic — and partly it is because I think sometimes it'll suck — but let me tell you, I would 200% prefer this then driving.  200%.   
5/14/2012 12:22:45 pm

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